Testimonials – Colleen Kendall

When I applied to join the Police I looked for a maths tutor and found Colleen’s details online. I was delighted to discover Colleen had previous experience preparing recruits for the Psychometric Test. Colleen was very friendly, encouraging and a great teacher. I recently sat my Police Psychometric Test and am delighted to say I passed. I am now on my way to fulfulling my dream and I fully believe Colleen’s tuition and guidance helped significantly to make this possible.

James Chen (Napier)


I asked Colleen to help me with my academics as I was preparing for career selection with the Police. As I lived out of town Colleen and I emailed, skyped and had a couple of face to face sessions. She sent me lots of work to do which was based on what I would get in the actual assessment. I found Colleen to be very friendly and professional. I appreciated the time and patience she had to explain all the different mathematical ideas and how to solve the equations. I believe her tutoring really helped me to pass my assessment.

Steve Scott (Tauranga)


I have been with Colleen for five years now. I started in Year 8 as English was my second language and I needed support with my learning. Throughout the years she has helped me a lot with my English and writing skills. I have seen a huge improvement in my grades and work because of Colleen. She has been an amazing help in my learning.

Elsa (Napier)


I had Colleen as a tutor for five years helping me with my English and Maths. When I first started seeing her my spelling and writing were really bad as English is my second language. She taught me how to write essays, from planning them to the structure with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I really appreciate that she got my English up to the level it should be for my age. She also helped me when there was school work that I didn’t understand or couldn’t do. Colleen would walk me through it step by step.

Jose (Napier)


Colleen has been Reece’s tutor for 4 years of high school. I can honestly say that without her, Reece would have struggled through his high school years. From English being his weakest subject, it has become his strongest subject. The confidence Colleen has installed in Reece’s learning has been awesome. He has now decided to go onto tertiary study. We put this down to Colleen’s tutoring.

Linda (Napier)


Colleen has worked with Jesse on Steiner School Certificate Level 1 English (equivalent NCEA Level 1 English) over the year in preparation for final assessment work and has helped tremendously in this regard.  Jesse is dyslexic and having Colleen’s help has made him more confident and better at his English work overall with a far greater understanding.  He actually likes English now!  Thank you Colleen, your help was very much needed and appreciated.

(PS if there is a star rating system of 5 being the highest, we would definitely give you 5 stars for everything you have done)

Mandy Tong (Hastings)


I approached Colleen to assist my daughter who had left school early due to health issues.  Olivia, age 17, had left the formal school environment some 6 months prior, and was on the mend, but did not want to return to formal schooling.  She had enrolled with Te Kura (Correspondence School) and we were seeking support and guidance rather than specific subject tutors.  Colleen walked in with her calm and organised manner and sorted a timetable and guidelines in no time.  She monitored progress and kept everything on track.  More importantly, she helped Olivia gain the confidence she had been lacking and find pleasure in her work again.

Melanie (Napier)


I started seeing Colleen two years ago to improve my writing, and then later to help me with my academic studies.  Her impeccable proof reading skills and in‐depth knowledge in regards to academic writing and referencing was instrumental in helping me to obtain my Graduate Diploma in Communications (Public Relations).  Studying via correspondence, Colleen served as an excellent sounding board and provided the right advice when it came to tackling the challenges I faced during my studies such as deciphering the question to planning and writing the assignment. Colleen not only genuinely cared how I did academically, but showed a lot of empathy in my attempt to juggle work, study and a personal life.

Apart from providing a top‐notch professional tuition service, I found Colleen to be really flexible and open to meeting more than once a week to discuss, plan and proof read any of my essays, proposals or responses.  She even allowed me to email her through my assignment descriptions prior to my lessons. Additionally, she worked with me to improve my grammar, punctuation and spelling.

I cannot rate Colleen highly enough. She’s a true professional.  I owe a lot to Colleen. She has enabled me to become a better professional and academic writer.

Tim (Hawke’s Bay)


My daughter has been going to Colleen for about 4 years now, for help with her dyslexia. Over this time Colleen has tailored her training programme to best suit Danielle’s needs, using her specialised SPELD and Danks Davis training.

She has given Danielle particular help with reading and reading comprehension. I have found Colleen to be very flexible with times to fit into our busy after school schedule, she has even come to our home at times to make it easier for us.

Colleen is great at making learning fun, often coming up with learning games, I’ve picked Danielle up, to find them laughing over a game, they’ve become great friends.

Colleen has been invaluable over the years, we wouldn’t want to be without her.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Colleen to all families, she has fantastic skills and is great with children.

Shelley Stanton (Napier)


Our daughter Rachel started going to Colleen 6 years ago when she was 11 years old to help with her dyslexia. Colleen has made a huge difference with Rachel’s spelling and reading.  Colleen also started helping Rachel with her maths, which has resulted in Rachel regularly achieving merit results in her tests, where she was previously only just keeping her head above water.  The one on one hourly tuition has been so effective, and we highly recommend Colleen and hope your child has similar success.

Kathy and Lee Willis (Clive)

Rachel says:

I have found that going to Ms Kendall has really helped me because in Year 7 I was not doing very well, but now I have seen the improvements with the results in areas that are difficult for me.  She has given me the confidence and skills to have a go.

Rachel Willis